ICT & Management

We are here to listen to your needs and work together on covering the challenges your organization is facing. Except from the Services listed explicitely in this section, we will be glad to discuss with you any mode of cooperation that will be fiting the general or specific requirements of your organization. 

Strategic Planning and Business Development

We can help you identify the right path for further development of your business.

We create a system of business/competitor intelligence so that clients are able to properly compare their competitive advantages in terms of uniqueness, quality, service and/or price. We advise our clients in identifying their sustainable competitive advantages and value drivers, both in the short and long term. We provide overall industry and segment analysis to identify market trends, the firm's position in the industry and how value can best be created in the business. We are able to cover local business opportunities and offer value - added services to both overseas investors and local companies and institutes that explore opportunities for growth and expansion.

Specific advice or hands - on services can be provided in the following Business Functions, which can provide additional assistance in your effort to implement your company’s strategy for growth.

Project Management

If you have an unlimited budget and unlimited time, project management becomes rather easy. For most people, however, time and money are critical and that is what makes project management so important today. The first challenge of project management is to ensure that a project is delivered within defined con- straints. The second, more ambitious challenge is the optimized allocation and integration of inputs needed to meet pre-defined objectives.
Dextera is offering services in the filed of Project Management according to the PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology.

Business Intelligence

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. But how do you cope when it comes flooding in? Dextera's B.I. solutions support 'Decision Makers' take the right questions and uncover crucial relationships and conclusions «hidden» under the wealth of data produced by their organizations. Interactive and Horoplethic Maps, Intuitive Gauges, Histograms and Heatmaps present various combinations of datasets and analyses, according to the needs of the user, while drawing the attention to the imporatnt patterns fast and efficiently.

Translation & Software Localization

Managing multilingual content can be quite challenging for the company that decides to go global, from the creation of content to its translation into many languages, its adaptation to local requirements, to publishing and releasing to local markets.

We support entreprises and SMEs in their global operations by assisting them in overcoming the language and cultural barriers that stand between them and the success of their international endeavors.

Dextera’s Translation and Localization Department can be your solution provider to this challenging task.

The members of Dextera’s Translation and Localisation Department bring accumulated expertise and know-how and via the dynamics of our partnerships. Dextera will help your company positively respond to the challenges of our times.

Strategic Funding Advisory

Organizations are seeking nowadays the necessary financial resources to implement their development plans.

Structured Funding is one of the options for the European organizations; either they are public or private. It is about financial resources coming from E.U. budget framework and referring to various fields, such as: regional development, research, life long learning, agricultural and rural development. Business development projects in theaters outside the E.U. could be funded also by the funding protocols of international organizations such as the Worldbank, the UNDP, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and others.

Private placements are the last but not least piece of the puzzle. It is about an important factor that nobody should exclude from its planning, particularly by considering the raising share of Public – Private Partnership Projects (PPP) in the development programs of the European governments. Dextera provides high level consultancy and training on how to form and address a request for funding, no matter what its content and purpose is.

ICT Consulting

Dextera Consulting specializes in ICT consulting, providing services to organizations which need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their key business operations. Our Services include:

  • systems design and architecture
  • project management of any outsourced application development
  • Software Localization & Globalization
  • technology consultancy
  • knowledge management consultancy
  • customised training sessions

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