Quality Policy


This document is an asset of DEXTERA. Any use, distribution, modification, reproduction or copying is permitted only to authorized personnel of the company.

For its use by others, the written consent of the General Manager or Quality Manager is required


The purpose of DEXTERA is to provide services that meet the requirements of the CUSTOMER and exceed their expectations.

Quality is a top priority for DEXTERA. In particular, the Management, in the context of the existing Quality Policy, aims at the excellent provision of services in the sectors:

  • Business Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Linguistic Customization and Translations

DEXTERA through the Quality Policy is committed to:

  • the provision of reliable services
  • compliance with all its Legislative obligations
  • the development of trust between the company and the customers as well as the long-term, comprehensive and creative financial cooperation with them
  • the effective treatment and satisfaction of the existing and foreseen needs of education, training and specialization of its employees
  • the allocation of the necessary resources to maintain and improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System
  • setting quality objectives, the achievement of which is reviewed each year during the review of the system by the Management
  • the review of the Quality Policy on an annual basis
  • making this quality policy available to anyone interested

DEXTERA invests in development, research and innovation and supports the training of its staff in order to be able to provide the required level of services

DEXTERA executives maintain their autonomy in choices regarding the continuous improvement of the provided services and it is necessary to constantly make proposals for even greater improvement.

Every employee must take for granted the support of the Management in matters of development, research and equipment and everything else deemed necessary for the provision of services that meet the requirements of the CUSTOMER and exceed their expectations.

Commitment to continuous improvement and documentation are important elements in meeting the objectives of this policy.

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, DEXTERA considers necessary the active participation of the employees in the compliance, development and documentation of all the procedures foreseen by the Quality Management System.

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