The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre is using UpToDate®, the best Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support.

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre has chosen UpToDate® as the Clinical Decision Support System of its medical and scientific personnel.

With UpToDate, clinicians can easily and quickly access the highest quality, evidence-based clinical information to make diagnosis and treatment decisions at the point of care.

At the heart of UpToDate is a global community of more than 7.300 authors, editors and peer reviewers, coming from 50 different countries, who are widely regarded as leaders in their field. They apply their deep domain expertise to critically evaluate the literature presented in more than 430 scientific journals and produce original content that culminates with clear guidance for evaluation and recommendations for treatment and screening. The rigorous editorial process they follow is a key reason why UpToDate is the world’s most trusted clinical decision support reference.

More than 100 research studies demonstrate that widespread use of UpToDate® is associated with improved outcomes and hospital performance. This is the reason why, more than 2 million clinicians and 38.800 healthcare in 191 countries are using UpToDate® as their Clinical Decision Support System. Because UpToDate® is the most trusted evidence-based clinical resource, based on clinical studies and well documented research outcomes.

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre is a trust between the Bank of Cyprus Medical Foundation and the Republic of Cyprus and was founded in 1998. This is considered as the biggest and most successful public-private partnership in the Republic of Cyprus, for the benefit of cancer patients and the community as a whole.

The Centre has become the Nation’s flagship in cancer treatment targeting some 60% of diagnosed cases in Cyprus. Τhanks to the Centre, Cyprus maintains one of the highest survival rates among OECD countries.

The Centre is the first hospital in Cyprus and Greece to receive and maintain the CHKS quality accreditation (Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems), since 2007.

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