Syros General Hospital is UpToDate

Syros General Hospital chose UpToDate® Anywhere to support the clinical decision making of its medical and nursing staff. With UpToDate® Anywhere, the hospital’s medical and nursing staff have unlimited access to more than 11,800 articles, covering more than 25 medical specialties. The content is updated on a daily basis by 7,100 globally renowned clinical practitioners. More than 1.9 million clinical practitioners and 38,500 health organizations in 191 countries currently use UpToDate®, as it is one of the world's most reliable sources of documented health information, based on clinical studies and research results. Over 80 studies link the use of UpToDate® with improved clinical outcomes and improved operational and financial performance. The procurement was made in the context of an IT infrastructure modernization project, funded by the E.U. Structrural Funds 2014-2020. The contractor is Logicom Solutions S.A., and the subscription of a five-year duration.

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