Step Up to Better Clinical Effectiveness

It's challenging to achieve high levels of clinical effectiveness. Quite simply, the greater the variability in care, the less able you are to meet this goal.

And both your patients and your organization will feel the impact-from poor health outcomes to higher costs of care.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to enhance decision-making among clinicians and patients, and ultimately drive behavioral changes that yield better outcomes all around.

In our white paper, Four Steps for Achieving Clinical Effectiveness, a white paper developed by our partner, Wolters Kluwer, you'll learn what's important to consider as you proceed:

  1. Reduce Variability of Care: Are you doing what's needed to ensure consistent care across different conditions and the healthcare continuum?
  2. Move the Patient to the Center of Care: What are your patients' expectations and how are you engaging with them?
  3. Coordinate Care Across the Continuum: How are you supporting interactions among patients and healthcare providers?
  4. Leverage Next-Generation Clinical Decision Support: is technology enabling you to better understand care dynamics and workflow? To quantify both the impact and quality of care?


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